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Amanda's Guide to Fun Stuff...

Stuff to do when you're bored out of your mind! Like Me:):)


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Cool Cat Daddy-O - Offbeat, fun-to-use net guide and directory to everything useful, interesting, and weird on the web.

Valentines Day Shop - Buy Valentines gifts right here!

A-Perfect Satellite TV Program Guide - Satellite TV Dish Owners! Save $$$ by ordering your program guide online. Magazines include Satellite TV Week, ORBIT, Satellite Direct, etc.

MakeUsAnOffer - Real Time Online Haggling - features real-time online haggling - haggle with our online salesman, Chester, and get yourself a great deal in an instant! We carry brand-name housewares, electronics, gift item and more. Simply tell us how much you want to pay for an

Web Resources - Various resources useful for people developing and maintaining web sites. Includes anti-spam scripts and a multi-room chat system.

Simple Life Corp - Fun Page of FREE Stuff! - Free samples, books, newsletters, products, services. List of links to other free stuff sites and contests. Get some free stuff, then come back and browse our simple living articles, book recommendations, travel reviews and more! Simple Life Corporatio

Trivia Blitz! - Play the Web's most challenging and entertaining Java-based game online for your chance to win $25. It's free to play.

Board, Strategy, Trivia, Logic & Word Games - FREE games, internet games, & gaming links. Win prizes through online gameshows! - Lori Victoria Braun's literate musclezine focuses on athletic and powerful women

Chef's Kitchen - A gourmet store and more. Offering a great selection of gourmet cooking and kitchen products, as well as a nice selection of home and personal care items. All major credit cards are accepted and premimum services, such as gift wrapping are available.

Videos Now - Over 100,000 entertainment and edutainment titles in VHS, DVD, Divx, and Laser Disc. We make buying the movies you love FUN and Easy.

Z Media - Fun and Games, by email! Quote of the Day, Pet Peeves of the Day, Interactive Trivia, and more...

CrymsonAngel's(My Very Cool Buddy Jeff) Page

Frank's(my second cool buddy)Anime Page - X-Files, Buffy, Star Trek, Star Wars, Xena, Comics, Trading Cards, Games, Videos, Graphic Novels, Toys, Calendars

Add This TriviaToday Ticker To Your Web Page - Click

Add MUSIC To Your Site With The RadioTicker - - FREE!

MSN Gaming Zone - The MSN Gaming Zone is the most popular and comprehensive gaming site on the Internet. Jump into the Zone and start playing over 50 games with thousands of people all over the world for FREE. The Zone also offers News, Chats, Hints/Tips, Downloads

Aurora's Attic
We offer a wide variety of collectibles including Betty Boop, Xena, Wizard of Oz, Disney, Harley-Davidson, Enesco, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Cookie Jars and much more.