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Awards I'm Giving:


To win the following awards, you must have a family friendly site, more than a page of links--some substance, and kick-butt design. As you can see from my page, I am big into love and acceptance of all races, nationalities, sexual orientations, genders, religions, and beliefs. Any site containing anything that seems to be even slightly discriminatory will recieve a BIG NO!

I want to feel like I know something about you and what you stand for. Be creative! Since I am not a master of this web stuff, I don't expect you to be. I don't expect frames. If you have them, cool. If not, I wouldn't stress it. I just need to enjoy my stay. Long load-up times are generally not something I enjoy. Please organize your page so that I'm not lost when I get there. It's really not difficult to make me smile!:) If you make me smile, then you get the award!

Everyone who applies must sign my guestbook. It doesn't hurt to kiss-up a little.

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If you are interested to the sites who have won the awardsclick here.

Lastly, if you win, you must link the picture to my main page. I WILL be checking on these things.


Mail Me to Make a Request

Please include your URL, site name, your name, e-mail, which award you were interested in, and a short description of your site!


Awards, awards, awards...

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The Cool Turtle Award for Cool Sites on the Web

Crimson Rose Award for Beautiful Design

Award of Peace for Love and Understanding on the Net

Loving Angel Award-for those who havea BIG heart

Friendship Award...for someone that will always be a loyal friend

Einstein award for excellence in content and design

Informative Site Award

Beauty on the Web

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