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Mana's Other Page...

My views regarding bi-sexuality.

I have to admit that my search to find a third partner in crime has become fraught with difficulty. I currently have boyfriend and am desperately looking to find a woman to be with us both...not as a plaything, but as an equal. I'm looking for a relationship for three that is completely open and honest and void of jealousy. I don't know why this is so difficult for most people to understand. Maybe it is because most online ads looking for bi-sexual women seem to include the statements, "Help me surprise my boyfriend for his birthday!" and "couple looking to spice up our love-life." I don't blame these girls for not wanting to be a plaything. I k now what it's like to feel like one in the midst of another relationship...And I do know what it's like to be plagued by letters by couples who've obviously never read my profile when it said, "No single men or couples." It is frustrating. It's frustrating enough to be bi...not always an excepted member of the gay community and definitely not an excepted member of the straight community. And it does make things even worse when you're trying to find that right person/people and nobody seems to be listening about what you want. It's all about them.

And perhaps another reason why I'm failing is the old fairy-tale that all of the girls with boyfriends are only doing it to please their counterparts. Where that might be true on most occasions it is not true on all. It could also be that many people are not open to the idea of having more than one love. Maybe I'm just complaining here...and maybe I have a legitimate complaint. I can't tell at this given point. All I know is that I'm about to give up on something that I have hoped to have for most of my adult life...a caring and wonderful relationship with both the man and woman of my dreams.:(