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You've got the question....I can help you find the answers

Throughout my childhood I recall having tons of questions about my life and sexuality that I just couldn't get up the courage to ask. I lived with my grandparents and they were extremely old-fashioned. Being the puritanical people that they were(God love them), they couldn't possibly explain half of the questions I wanted answers for. Even as a teen I remember being so sexually uninformed that I would often be teased for not catching on to sexually explicit jokes. As a result, I lacked all confidence.

Finally after awhile of being out on my own, I decided to research sexuality as a whole(no pun intended). I discovered many insights and learned a lot about myself in the process. Well, the research has not ended for me. Right now I'm, a psychology major at a local community college. I have to say that my classes bring me yet another step closer to a healthy perspective about myself, my body, and my place in society as a young woman.

In this page I have included two poems that I have written. One was written before my research, one after. The difference is so dramatic. My intention in creating this page is to guide everyone to an understanding of human sexuality and to a healthy life. I hope you enjoy. Feedback is EXTREMELY appreciated.

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Ladies, have you ever felt like this?


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Here are some not so serious link pages! I thought you might need something to brighten your day!Enjoy:)


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